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Turning 5 & Surviving through a Global Pandemic

Wave the banners, inflate the balloons, and raise a glass, parTpees recently celebrated their 5th Birthday despite the pandemic!

Surviving through one of the toughest years in the Events Sector, Charlie, founder, and creative director of ParTpees hasn’t allowed a global pandemic to stand in her way of her flourishing, luxury bell tent and Tpee business.

Based in the smallest county in the UK, Rutland, ParTpees works across the UK to bring lashings of luxury to every special event. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this small business has had to remodel their company considerably in order to adhere to the new laws and restrictions.

Almost a year ago, large wedding celebrations grinded to a halt in alignment with a UK-wide lockdown. Weddings usually equate to 70% of ParTpees sales revenue, so the team had to get creative with their offerings in order to thrive through the uncertainty.

Pivoting from large wedding celebrations, ParTpees now offer intimate dinner parties, weddings, family events, picnics, and igloo domes for social bubbles to find a little slice of joy and happiness, which are completely Covid-19 secure during lockdown.

Having this time to re-evaluate her business model has given founder Charlie more ideas than ever, and she’s excited for the future of ParTpees. She considers herself extremely lucky to have been able to provide inspiring, extraordinary, and unforgettable intimate events that have brightened up hundreds of people’s lives during lockdown. Over the past 4 years ParTpees have catered to over a thousand guests, and although they took a hit on bookings during the summer 2020 restrictions, the business still managed to survive the past 11 months and is ready to thrive once restrictions are eased within the weddings and events sector.

Positivity, innovation, and sheer determination has allowed ParTpees to reach this huge milestone this year - something that they thought wouldn’t be possible during the global pandemic.

Charlie is also extremely thankful for her dedicated team during this roller coaster year. Chloe Hunter, her daughter is currently completing an Events Management Degree and has not only been there since day one as an integral part of the company and had a lockdown baby Boy (Rafferty Elias) in June last year, which added to both the pressure and excitement of running a small business during a pandemic! Jules Brahmachari, an old Stamfordian has completed his 3-year honors degree and will be commencing his Masters later this year. He will be entering his fourth year with the ParTpees team, working with them throughout the summer whilst studying at the same time. Both young adults have really stepped up to the highs and lows of running the business and have shown incredible resilience and support during such a rocky time.

The inspirational event imagineers at ParTpees supply luxury styled bell tents and igloo domes for all special occasions, from whimsical weddings to spectacular slumber parties. The team are now looking ahead towards a brighter future with lockdown restrictions set to be eased in Spring, and a roadmap for wedding & event celebrations being made.

Contact Information for ParTpees:

Charlie Hunter

Written By @rachelkitchen

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